Powered by a Networked Solution

RENO EV Chargers with pre-installed ChargeLab EV Charging Software is a complete solution designed to serve a wide range of commercial applications.

Reliability You Can Trust

Reliability is the number one concern for EV drivers. Smart chargers on a networked solution provide the reliability you can trust.

Built for the Driver's Experience

Smart charger software offers an intuitive experience for EV drivers ensuring their charging experience is frictionless.

Data for Your Business

With smart charger software, you have access to reports to help you optimize costs and qualify for any applicable utility rebates.

The Networked Solution Advantage

RENO EV Chargers + ChargeLab Software

With ChargeLab software, RENO EV Chargers provide a smart charging solution for owners of commercial properties.
Power Management
For older buildings, power management is an essential consideration to avoid overloading the infrastructure.
Monitoring & Maintenance
Managers receive real-time issue alerts and messages. Maintenance mode keeps drivers informed.
Pricing Rules & Schedules
Customize pricing based on the time of day or week, time spent, or energy consumed.
Flexible User Payments
Drivers can link a payment method through the web app.
Real-time Support
For drivers and site hosts to troubleshoot any issues.
Software Uptime
ChargeLab smart charger software saw less than 2 hours of downtime in the last year.

Ready to Charge Up Your Commercial Property?

Let's talk. We'll show you how RENO EV Chargers are the solution for your business.