Lead the Community by Electrifying Your Property

EV Charging for MURBs

With 50% of new vehicle sales expected to be an EV by 2030, the demand for accessible charging at Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) is becoming essential.

As a residential building management owner, there is a great opportunity to provide a convenient home charging experience utilizing an infrastructure that maximizes your condo or apartment’s existing capacity.

More Renters Are Now Buying Electric Cars

Millions of renters want to drive electric. With such a high demand, it is easy to see why EV charging is an increasingly valuable amenity to provide at your multi-family dwelling property.
RENO EV Chargers are equipped with EV Charging Software that provides power management, monitoring and maintenance, and pricing rules to create a new revenue stream for your property.

Attract Premium Tenants

Gain a competitive advantage: attract and retain residents who own electric vehicles by offer a premium resident amenity.

Cost-Effective Investment

Offer EV charging without costly infrastructure upgrades.

Enhance Profitability

Generate additional revenue with charging use fees.