EV Charging Stations
Bring EV-Driving Customers

EV Charging for Retail & Hospitality

EV Charging in Malls
As more consumers are going electric, the hospitality and retail sectors are in a unique position to stand out and attract new customers.

With EV drivers more likely to choose where they spend and stay based on EV charging availability, your hotel or retail property can become the destination of choice when they’re looking to shop, eat and relax.

Welcome a New Generation of EV-Driving Customers

With EV Charging Stations installed on your hospitality or retail property, you'll gain the advantage of being one of the first to offer EV charging as an amenity, helping to attract customers and boost return visits.
RENO EV Chargers are equipped with EV Charging Software that provides power management, monitoring and maintenance, and pricing rules to create a new revenue stream for your property.

Attract Customers

Gain a competitive advantage: attract a new generation of environmentally conscious customers by offering EV charging capabilities.

Increase Stay Duration

Increase stay duration with customers who charge their vehicles, resulting in more spend time.

Appear On EV Apps

Put your property on the map: EV owners are more likely to notice your business nearby when searching for a charging station.

Build Customer Loyalty

Build consumer confidence and loyalty by creating an image of sustainability for your brand.


Ready to Charge Up Your Hospitality or Retail Business?

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