EV Charging Stations are a Must-Have Building Amenity

EV Charging for Workplaces

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Employees spend a large portion of their time at work, but more than ¾ of electric vehicle owners struggle to recharge their EVs while in their workplace.

As a commercial/industrial building operator, there is a great opportunity to develop a charging infrastructure to benefit both employees and visitors of your properties.

Offer EV Charging as a Cost-effective Employee/Tenant Benefit

With EV Charging Stations available as an amenity at your commercial property, you can attract premium tenants who offer their employees and visitors the convenience of EV charging, all while meeting your corporate sustainability goals.
RENO EV Chargers are equipped with EV Charging Software that provides power management, monitoring and maintenance, and pricing rules to create a new revenue stream for your office property.

Boost Your Property's Image

Create an image of environmental-friendliness and sustainability for your building.

Gain Loyalty

Gain loyalty from employees and customers by being an eco-conscious business.

Attract Top-Tier Tenants

Attract top-tier tenants with a talented workforce who are early adopters of EV technology.

Reach Net-Zero Faster

Earn carbon credits to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, helping you reach net zero faster.


Ready to Boost Your Office Building to a Class of Its Own?

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