EV Charging Station Pedestals

Convenient charging station pedestals designed for workplaces, multi-unit residential buildings, and retail spaces. Available in single or dual mount configurations, without cord management.

Model #

RENO-EVC2-SBBP (A) – Single or Back-to-Back Pedestal
RENO-EVC2-BSYS (B) – Bracket for Side-by-Side install

Mounting Type

Single Mount, Dual Mount (Front/Back), Dual Mount (Side/Side)

Cord Management

Not applicable


58.4”x41.5”x41.5” (1482.5mm x 100mm x 100mm)


Black (Standard), White (Custom), Bronze (Custom), Silver (Custom), Grey (Custom)


Height Compliant

  •  Easy and cost-effective installation: ground-mounted with 4 bolts (concrete pad recommended)
  • Rugged and reliable design suitable for harsh Canadian winters
  • Compact size and minimal footprint for small spaces
  • Optional cable retractor for cord management
  • Single and dual pedestal options available
  • Modular design to facilitate servicing and maintenance
  • Suitable for most EV chargers on the market
  • ADA/ACA compliant height
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